New Starburner Agents Inducted at Gaslight Gathering 2019

Three new agents were inducted into the Starburner Galactic Courier Service during Gaslight Gathering.  We’re always looking for new talent to add to the ranks, and our search has expanded from primarily makers to include: journalists, artists, writers, actors, and even musicians! Here is a picture of the new agents with their hand-crafted Starburner Agent medals and legitimate Starburner Agent certificates. Now they’re officially 100% bonafide!


We would like to welcome all three new agents to the Starburner Galactic Courier Service! On the right is Agent #46, Baron Maximillian Von Zipple, who is 1/2 of the shenanigan-inducing roving minstrel band, The Eternal Frontier. To his left is Agent #16, Adam Smasher, who is the other half of The Eternal Frontier.  He was inducted long ago, but he’s just now receiving his official Starburner certificate. Next to Adam is Agent #47, Lady Donna, who is the manager and mistress of hype for The Eternal Frontier. Last but certainly not least, the rebel pilot on the left is Agent #48, Katherine Stewart, who is an actor and an exceptional costume maker/cosplayer. Katherine is one of our official Cornu-Chi pilots, along with Agent #45, Lucy Capuchino.


Here are Agents #16 and #46 belting out a few tunes in front of the Cornu-Chi. The Eternal Frontier were kind enough to walk around Gaslight Gathering and spread their unique brand of Steampunk silliness to whomever would listen. The dapper dynamic duo proceeded to hand out kazoos and encourage sing-a-longs, which left a trail of smiles in their wake. They even serenaded the vendors as they broke down their wares at the end of the convention! If you ever get a chance to see these fine gentlemen perform, don’t hesitate!


Worldwide Unveiling of Victorian X-wing

The Starburner Galactic Courier Service had a very exciting weekend as we unveiled the Cornu-Chi (aka Victorian X-wing) at Gaslight Gathering and also inducted three new members (more details to come soon). How exciting!


One way the Starburners set themselves apart is by creating experiences instead of just props. The Cornu-Chi installation features the Steampunk Starcraft as the focus, along with several hand-made wooden crates and numerous complicated-looking instruments to use on the starfighter. In the back is a diagnostic panel connected to the craft, and beside that is a PA system complete with flashing red light. The crew consists of two pilots, several technicians, and at least two guards at all time.


Overwhelming positive reception of our Victorian X-wing by Steampunks and “muggles” alike proved that this build was out-of-this-world! Attendees were thrilled to see the Cornu-Chi in person, and they marveled at the numerous complex details.  Fan favorites include the realistic cockpit and engine, muslin-covered scalloped wings, complicated diagnostic panel, and the charming R2-D0, who moved and spoke with lifelike accuracy.  One person even remarked “this build is fantastic, but R2 really sets it over the top!”


Every hour, one lucky attendee was able to sit in the cockpit and go through a maintenance check and start up/shut down sequence with two technicians – one on the diagnostic panel and one beside the pilot. As a technician, I performed several of these sequences, and the look of pure joy on each person’s face as they experienced the start-up and then accelerated to max speed was a pleasure to behold. This is is a big reason why we make such elaborate creations, and it’s just as rewarding as the pride of constructing the craft itself.


So far we have had inquiries about featuring the Cornu-Chi installation at fan events and possibly even SD Comic-Con! Stay tuned to find out more info, and please feel free to contact us if you are interested in renting out the Cornu-Chi for your event.




Internal Cockpit of Cornu-Chi


After the frame was welded together by Agent #5 (Tom), the control panel was constructed. It immediately became the focal point of the cockpit, and everything else was built around it. Agent #1 (Kim) fabricated the wooden control panel, and he gave it a great vintage look. Our electrical wizard, Agent #41 (Harvey) installed the wiring, 3d printed the gauges, and did the programming. Anyone who sits inside will be impressed by the multiple lights, moving gauges, and realistic start-up sequence. Press one wrong button and the engines won’t start up properly. He also installed controls for lights and created the sound effects for weapons and engines.


Agent #1 (Kim) hand-made the steering yoke out of wood and brass. He also made the wooden “skin” for one side while Agent #14 (Jeb) skinned the other side. Agent #1 also made the windshield using a clever trick. He took an old tubular chandelier shade, loosened the welds, and turned it from a tube into a flat set of panels. On the front side, Agent #1 (Kim) cut brass plating and set it into the wood with rivets, while Agent #36 (Stephen) added detailed scrollwork to match the nose cone.


Every pilot has to be comfortable while they fly, so Agent #1 (Kim) took an old seat, cut off the legs, and then he and Agent #2 (Linda) reupholstered it with leather. Next, Agent #45 (Lucy) gave it a worn metallic paint job complete with rivets and fake rust. Agent #44 (Miguel) and Agent #45 (Lucy) put their final touch on the seat by creating a custom leather harness. Additional useful items such as storage bins, a fire extinguisher, and a tool box were later created and installed to give it a “lived-in” look.

External Cockpit of the Cornu-Chi

Here are some external pictures of the cockpit. We started with square metal rod that was welded together into a frame by Agents #1 (Kim) and Agent #5 (Tom). After the inside was completed, the outside was “skinned” in plywood, stained, and then covered with a clearcoat by Agent #14 (Jeb).


This is a picture of the left side of the cockpit before being finished. It has a removable door for pilots to gain access, as well as a custom logo created by Agent #36 (Stephen). This talented artist also painted the stylish logo and beautiful scrollwork on the door and other pieces (like the windshield and nose piece).


Here’s the right side of the cockpit in it’s final state. Wood paneling made by Agent 45 (Lucy) and Agent #44 (Miguel) was added to give it a retro look, antique lanterns were added by Agent #1 (Kim), and the familiar Starburner logo has been applied by Agent #2 (Linda).

Stay tuned for more details on this intricate build!

Secret Project Reveal

54424775_2112461895516052_7268205144490115072_nIt’s been a while since the Starburners have updated everyone on our latest project, and it’s my pleasure to announce that we can finally reveal it to the public! What can possibly top past Steampunk projects like Basecamp, the Shrink Ray, and the Dirigible Crash? Well, soon people will be able to sit in the pilot’s seat of a full-size Victorian Starfighter that draws inspiration from a certain intergalactic storyline.

Project Cornu-Chi (pronounced Kornu-ki) will be unveiled in April, 2019 at Gaslight Gathering Steampunk Convention in San Diego. There’s no charge to come and see the Cornu-Chi, but only convention badge-holders will be able to enter the hourly drawing to go through a flight check and fire up the engines with Starburner engineers.

We hope to see people of all ages and interests at the unveiling. Steampunk outfits and cosplay of any kind are encouraged. However, due to the size of the cockpit, some outfits/props will not fit.

In addition to the display, we will have souvenirs for sale as well as a make-and-take.

Stay tuned for sneak-peaks of the project!

Starburner Latest News and Tid Bits


Intrepid reporter, Agent #35, Ophelia Pane, aka, Mercy Baron at your service from the Archives/Social Department at SGCS. I’m commandeering this blog for the sole purpose of dissemination of information and let’s have a bit ‘o fun whilst we’re at it!


Here’s a recap of what the Starburners have been up to in 2015 after Comic Con and into 2016. I’m delving into our time machine for all the worthy notes.

Our newest agent #36, C. Hobart Finton, aka, Stephen Marchesi, is having his first big West Coast art showing of his cinematic art. All Steampunks are invited to Steampunk night mentioned in the notice below. Stephen is also a well known children’s book illustrator and is currently working on an illustrated guide for the upcoming Starburner’s graphic novel.


The location is here:

Liberty Station, Inspiration & Ink Spot Galleries
2730 Historic Decatur Red Barricks 16, Suites 202 & 204


HOLLYWOOD TALES!!! Somewhat hush hush, but we’re able to talk about JUST a smidgen, is our “connection” to Hollywood. Some of our crafts and props are now being utilized by the film industry in a trilogy of live action animation for a project called, “Timeless.” More to come on that titillation soon!


A fun event organized by Starburner award winner, Cody Shoberg, will commence on October 8. Check out all the details here.


Next up and one of our biggest events of the year, the 8th Annual Starburner’s Awards at Comic Con was a smashing success! Starburners are always dedicated to encouraging creativity within the genre and our awards reflect that. Agent #1, Lithobius Quick, aka, Kim Hutsell, thoughtfully bestows out each award to worthy individuals and organizations that contribute to our Steampunk genre throughout the past year. Herewith, our the shenanigans that ensued!

First, our reliquaries were a curiosity to behold as they sat on display in the Sails Pavilion and each told their own stories under the glass domes. All were made by our agents! starburner-reliquaries

As always, we had a stellar turnout for our awards! This event is unlike anything else at Comic Con and has over time, become a coveted distinction, accolade and honor. I’m pretty sure that all means the same thing but you get the picture…or pictures!











Another HUGE hit at CC this year, was the Hogwarts Cosplay of several of our agents. This created such a stir in every hall, on the telly and even appeared on the web site of J.K. Rowlings!! Well done everyone! What shall we surprise everyone with next year, hmmmm??



Agent #2, Linda Hutsell, aka, Thora Chase, has started putting together a mock up of what our Starburner I.D. cards will look like. Well done Thora!!





In May, the making of wands, while not an official project, becomes a “thing” by several of our  illustrious makers. This is an ongoing project.



In April. SB were asked to transport the Strato Sclupin to the 32nd Annual L.Ron Hubbard Achievement Awards for the Writers of the Future Gala in Hollyweird…um….I mean Hollywood. This event was staged at the venerable, Wilshire Ebell Theatre. Again, our flying machine was a big hit on their Red Carpet!



For something a bit different, we decide to hold our Feb. monthly meeting at one of my favorite BBQ places, Iron Pig Alehouse in Pacific Beach. A saucy time was had by all!




After Comic Con 2015, we set our focus onto the Maker Faire in October in Balboa Park where we had the Sculpin on display. Many did attend and took pictures sitting in and around our magnificent flying machine. Here is an article about our exploits there with a wonderful pic of Agents 14 & 23.

In August, Agent #14, Jeb Haught, aka, Jeremiah Goodfellow wrote about our CC awards in Hourglass Magazine on page 35

Also in August, we had an official SB outing to the San Diego Natural History Museum for the Mayan exhibit and there was a splendiferous turnout abounding with adventurers!





Starburner Awards and New Agent at SDCC 2015

The 7th Annual Starburner Galactic Courier Service Award Ceremony was held July 11th during San Diego Comic Con. Steampunks from across the globe attended to reunite with old friends, meet new and marvel at all the inventive costumes and gadgetry.

 Starburner Galactic Courier Service came about as the result of the need to publicly recognize those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Steampunk community. Beginning in 2009, members of the steampunk community have been singled out at Comic Con in San Diego and presented with achievement metals or Starburner Awards from the House of Hutsell for contributions in areas ranging from leadership and events coordination to gadgetry, costuming, music and general support of the community.

This year was no exception with 13 awards and the induction of a new Agent into the ranks of the Starburners.

The League of S.T.E.A.M dominated the beginning of the awards with 5 members, many of whom we recognize from the web series, live performances and appearances in the steampunk community. The underlying note for each League of S.T.E.A.M member was their overwhelming contributions behind the scenes without which the amazing imagery we devoured would not be possible.

Starburner SDCC awards

Robin Blackburn recognized for directing, performing and costuming.

Starburner SDCC awards

Katherine Walsh (center) recognized for production design.

Starburner SDCC awards

Sheyne Fleischer recognized for directing, editing and performing.

Starburner SDCC awards

Glenn Freund recognized for directing, preforming and sound design.

Starburner SDCC awards

Russell Isler recognized for directing, performing and visual effects.

Starburner SDCC awards

Daniel Fernandez and Tony Quirk

One cannot open a Comic Con costume gallery with out running across the creations of Daniel Fernandez and Tony Quirk. Pillars of the costuming community, Daniel and Tony continue to amaze us with new creation and extend a warm welcome to all they encounter.

Starburner SDCC awards

Jerry Abuan Photography - Agezinder Arts: Comic Con 2015 &emdash;

Ramona Szczerba Photo by Jerry Abuan





Known by many as Winona Cookie, Ramona Szcerba’s unique style of art has become a staple in the Stemapunk community. Her collages capture the whimsical assemblage many of us love about the Steampunk aesthetic.

Starburner SDCC awards

Gene Forrer

An Intertemporal Man of Mystery, Gene Forrer is recognized for his outstanding contributions to Clockwork Alchemy, grabbing international attention as the “Celebration of All Things Steampunk” and to his continual involvement in the Bay Area Steampunk community.

Starburner SDCC awards

Scott Bordeen

Nautilus expert and Disney historian Scott Bordeen is recognized for his love and dedication to all things 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. As a master model maker he has worked to remake history with many historically accurate versions of the Nautilus.

Jerry Abuan Photography - Agezinder Arts: Comic Con 2015 &emdash;

Veronique Chevalier Photo by Jerry Abuan

An award winning mistress of ceremonies, singer-songwriter, music producer, comedienne and parodist,  Veronique Chevalier astonishes us with her amazing costuming and unique style. Veronique is recognized for her astounding costuming in the Steampunk community and performance art or self described production of steam.

Hailing from New York Jerry Karpe, known to many as  Steampunk Teddy Roosevelt is recognized for his outstanding costuming. His historical American roots in costuming remind us all of our love for history.

Starburner SDCC awards


Jerry Karpe and Tony Quirk Photo by Chief Geek Photography

Starburner SDCC awards


Katherine Steward Photo By Chief Geek Photography

Katherine Steward is recognized for her performing arts and ability to completely transform her look in costuming. Katherine’s attention to detail and exquisite execution of her costumes leaves us in anticipation of what she will bring next.

Starburner SDCC awards

Mercy Baron

The  Starburner’s Galactic Courier Service welcomes new Agent #35, Mercy Baron. aka Ophelia Pane. Mercy brought Steampunk to the front pages in the San Diego Reader with her cover story, “Steampunk Junction” whose story highlighted the makers, writers and fans of the San Diego Steampunk community. Mercy continues to use her quill and involvement to support the Steampunk community and its many projects.

The day would not be complete with out turning about an recognizing our roots, the man who without all this would not be, Agent number 1 Lithobius Quick, Kim Hutsell. After a surprise hijack of the ceremony, The Judge, Jeffery Vaca presented Kim with a small token of the community’s appreciation for all he does. Most of us can hardly express in words how much Kim has inspired us. His supporting guidance of makers, his enthusiasm for the new, the old, the different, his wondering creative spirit and marvelous creation, all are why he is recognized as a beacon of the Steampunk community.


Kim Hutsell photo by Jerry Abuan

Congratulations to all those recognized with Starburner Awards, our new Agent and a special thanks to all those who came out to our Starburner Galactic Courier Service Award Ceremony at San Diego Comic Con. We hope to see you all next year and in the spaces between.

Photo be Jerry Abuan

Photos by Lindsay Rae, Chief Geek Photography  and Jerry Abuan.

Special thanks to Jerry for photographing at this event, see more of his work at

—-Agent 33

Starburners to Recognize Outstanding Steampunks at Comic Con 2015

7th Annual Starburner Galactic Courier Service Award Ceremony
Steampunk Meet-Up at 12:00pm.
Awards at 12:30pm
Gather with old friends, meet new friends.
Check out all the great costumes and gagdetry!
Great photo opportunity for all…


In reality, Starburner came about as the result of the need to publicly recognize those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Steampunk community. Beginning in 2009, members of the steampunk community have been singled out at Comic Con in San Diego and presented with achievement metals (Starburner Award) from the House of Hutsell for contributions in areas ranging from leadership and events coordination to gadgetry, costuming, music and general support of the community.

Starburner Special Delivery

Starburner agents travel forward through time to deliver the 2015 awards to the Civil Engineering Society.

William Swanson, Lithobius Quick, Jeffery Vaca, Trenton Xaivor Inkwell, The Iron Tailor, Jeremiah Goodfellow.

In addition to the delivery, Starburner Galactic Courier Agents brought equipment from past expeditions including an antique mimeograph, Ruhmkorff Lamp, and weather control device.

—Agent 33

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Clean out your costume closets and projects boxes and trade it up for a new idea.

Makers, Enthusiast, Costumers,

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Outside Space – $20

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